Welcome aboard to AMATA!

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Welcome aboard to AMATA!

12 new colleagues have joined AMATA!

On the morning of their first day at the company, we started off by having the new members introduce themselves to everyone (with an online relay to the Sapporo branch office and the annexes).

From textbook self-introductions, to voices trembling with anxiety, to those who talked excitedly about their hobbies and the games they’ve been hooked on, their individual characteristics were already beginning to show.

After that, we launched straight into orientation.
Together with other new members whose names and faces they could hardly get right just yet, everyone pushed through their anxiety and dove headlong into training with brave faces.

This is the first step in a journey that will bring many (“amata” actually means multitude) new challenges, as they spread their wings wide and set upon the path to becoming a member of society, and furthermore a creator.
I’m very much looking forward to seeing how their mindsets have changed in 
2 weeks from now, when they begin OJT.

(HR & Planning Department)