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あまたがプロデュースする就転職イベント「G JOB FESTA TOKYO 2018」が3月31日(土)に開催されました。
「G JOB FESTA」も今年で4年目を迎え、すっかりゲーム業界への就活の定番イベントとして定着しています。

さて、今週の土曜日は、大阪梅田で「G JOB FESTA OSAKA 2018」が開催されます。
「TOKYO 2018」の出展企業9社に、関西で躍進中の3社を加え、総勢12社がアツく自社とゲーム業界を語ります。

>G JOB FESTA OSAKA 2018 公式サイトはこちら
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G JOB FESTA TOKYO 2018 was a huge success!!

The career fair event that AMATA organizes, G JOB FESTA TOKYO 2018, was held on Saturday, March 31st.
This year marks the celebration of G JOB FESTA’s fourth year, and it has established itself as a staple event in the game industry for job hunting.
Again, we saw large lines queueing up before the opening 
and a relentless flow of visitors right up until closing time this year. It ended in a great success.
To everyone who came out to visit, we give our heartfelt thanks!

This Saturday, G JOB FESTA OSAKA 2018 will be held at Umeda, Osaka.
In addition to the 9 companies that exhibited at TOKYO 2018, 3 additional companies are rushing to participate in the Kansai region, for a total of 12 companies that will be passionately talking about their companies and the game industry.
We’re expecting to have a wonderful encounter with everyone in Kansai. We will see you there!!

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