「So you!」紹介ムービー、作成しました!

*English translation below

以前、ご紹介した国際交流パーティーイベント「So you want to be a Game Dev? International Party!」の紹介ムービーを作成しました。






We created an introductory film for our event, “So you!”

We made a film introducing a previous international event, “So you want to be a Game Dev? International Party!“

This is that film here.

We made an effort to capture the atmosphere of the event as a whole by including all of the friendly banter, speeches made by participants, and the intense rock-paper- scissors matches, which all can be seen in the video.

For the many non-Japanese participants wishing to work in Japan’s game industry, this is a great introductory event for them to experience the planning and distribution of games in Japan.  While experiencing conversation in both Japanese and English, this is a great way for one to deepen their understanding of the game industry as a whole.

The next event is currently planned to be held in December.
Beat the cold by making your way out to this hot event!

(HR & Planning Department)