【CEDEC 2018 シリーズ①】新人が見たVR

*English translation below

08/22~08/24に開催されたCEDEC 2018に参加してきました。









【CEDEC 2018 Series ①】 An AMATA Newcomer’s Experience in VR

Hello everyone. This is engineer Takeuchi.
I attended the CEDEC 2018 held from 08/22 to 08/24.
CEDEC is a technology exchange event for game developers that celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.
The theme for this year was “Fantasy becomes reality.”
Others will report more on the CEDEC later, but for now I would like to write about VR.

【How to Move Without getting Motion Sick】
Warp motion is the main method for moving in current VR games.
However, warp movement is viewed as restrictive and therefore other methods for moving without getting motion sickness were discussed.

From shaking the controller to simulate a walking motion to darkening the field of vision to reduce sickness when you stop suddenly, there are a lot of different ways to move.
Two years have gone by since 2016, which was heralded as the first year of VR, but I think that there are still a lot of things to develop in the field.

【Have Fun as a Spectator Too】
It is cool that people play in VR, but what about those who are watching?
To solve this problem, some ingenuity had to be used to encourage spectators to have fun.

By projecting an in-game video on a screen, the people waiting to play can learn from those who are playing while a “lecturer” comments on it.
It’s not over after making the game. You also need ingenuity when you ask people to play.

I learned a lot by participating in the CEDEC for the first time, and there are more things I could share, but this is all for this time.

By the way, there was a lounge too.
There was a lot of space to sit and free candy you could grab, so I went there when I got tired of going between sessions and booths.
I would grab some candy and the guide book and think, “this session looks interesting.”

And I was right on the money every time.