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目をパチくりさせる中、公式ブログ趣旨が伝えられ、 説明が終わりを見せ始めた頃には全員死んだ魚のような目となり 後戻りできない状況なのだと悟っていた。

「エロワードとかチェックはどーなるの? っていうか書いていいの?]




なんと! 私だけがスペシャル特別枠ではないですか!

いいでしょう。 私にまともな記事を期待していないのならばそれはそれでやりやすいところ。
いや逆に! 「誰だあいつをメンバーに選んだやつは!」 と社長から言われるまで走り続けてみようかと思います。


× スーパーごろー
○ ちょうごろー




(インチキブロガー 超ごろー)


It all began so suddenly.

It was a day like any other, in January of 2018.
We were all called in the meeting room, 17 of us including me, Cho-goro.
We were told something that shook us to our core.

“So, basically we’re doing an official blog, so you guys need to think something up and post it.”

Everyone was silent.
We could only stare blankly. After the situation was explained to us, everyone eyes began to glaze over once we realized there was no going back.
In the final Q&A session, questions flew like a raging hurricane.

“We don’t know what to write!”
“Is it just a blog about what we do at work?”
“How are they goin’ to filter sexy words? Are we even allowed to write ‘em?”
“Can I just pretend I didn’t hear that last question?”

It went on for a while. But not one bit of this mattered to me!
What caught my attention most was from the original explanation.

“Today, we gathered everyone together in groups of 2 or 3, for things like engineering, planning, designing…Oh, Cho-goro you’ll be in the ‘joke group’.”


Imagine my luck! To be put in a special group all on my own!
Well isn’t that a damn honor after having put in so many days to show my determination!

Fine. If they aren’t expecting me to write anything good anyway, I guess that makes things even easier for me to handle.
Au contraire! I figure it’s probably best to keep winging it until the boss comes down yelling “Who in god’s name picked this guy for the job?”

By the way, my name, Cho-goro(超ごろー), is not pronounced

×”Super-goro“, but instead actually as
Cho-goro“. Keep it straight, okay?

You’re probably thinking, “Oh come on, he just made that up for this blog.” But you couldn’t be more wrong.
And my proof is here for all to see:

 ** The transit card says “Cho Ore-Sama” on it. It roughly translates to “Super Me.”

This is the transit card I’ve been using for over 10 years. (How’s that seniority taste?)

Anyway, that aside.
I’m gonna start pushing and keep on going just to see what they’ll let me get away with!
The true test of  Cho-goro  begins right here, right now!
(Not sure what I’ll do if they put the brakes on this after only one entry…)

(Cho-goro, Cheating Scumbag Blogger Extraordinaire)


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